Scams and hacks – self repair

You got a pop-up screen while using your web browser. Edge, Chrome, Firefox or whatever browser you use, it does not matter. Those scammers have gotten so smart, they have figured out how to attack web page ip addresses. Either they have attached the “add-on” to a web page you visited on your own, or they put it on a website reached by clicking a link from another page, like Facebook, or email link. (That blue line that opens a web page automatically.) Either way, your computer is NOT infected. They are NOT from Microsoft. AND they WILL steal your money if you call them. They also will mess up your computer if you allow them to access it remotely.

So, the way to get rid of it is:

Get back to your desktop by clicking on the almost invisible little bar to the right of the clock on the task bar at the bottom of the screen. Or you can right click on the task bar to bring up the menu, click on Task Manager. If it opens up showing Processes, select your browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, whichever you were using) then click END TASK at the bottom right. If it does not show Processes, click on “More Details.”

While the browser is closed, run the latest version of CCleaner. If you have CCleaner, it will inform you if an update is available. If you get a message that an update is available, don’t update from the App. If your version is up to date, run the cleaner. When it finishes, your problem should be fixed. Sometimes you have to run it two or three times and restart your computer. Sometimes once is enough.

If you do not currently have CCleaner on your computer, download and install the program by going to their webpage. Do not open the browser that has the pop-up scam. Use a different browser, Go to and click on Free Download. That will open a page that offers three versions. Scroll down and select the one that is Free. It will download and allow you to Run it. Allow it to run. Be sure to uncheck the box on the lower left that will install some kind of “Free” software, like Avast or McAfee anti-virus, unless you need/want that software. Click Install. When it finishes, run the cleaner. The free version must be run manually. If you like it and want it to protect you 24/7, you can always upgrade to the Professional Version.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable or capable of doing this yourself, you can always call me to help remotely or in person. 770-314-2400

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