PC verses Mac Which One Do I Choose?

I hear this a lot. “My daughter (son) says I should get a Mac. They can’t get viruses, and they run better than PCs.”

Addressing the 2nd part first, a typical Mac is priced at a minimum of $1000 or more. The 15” MacBook Pro will set a user back $2400 before they begin purchasing programs to read and edit documents that can be shared with others, especially those who don’t use Macs.

When I ask how much they paid for their PC that is in need of my repair, the pump out their chests and tell me, “I got it on sale for $300.

I’d really like to drive a Cadillac, but since I can’t afford one, my ride is a Toyota. If only we could purchase a Caddy at a Toyota price, we’d all be happy luxury car drivers. Similarly, if we could buy a Mac at the price of a cheap, discount store PC, we’d all have Macs – or would we? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of PC owners for every one Mac owner. They are great computers, built to a very high standard, but PCs built for professionals are also built to a higher standard. All the parts are the best that can be found. The construction is checked and double-checked for perfection. They use Windows Professional as the operating system, as opposed to Windows Home. And they are priced at approximately the same cost as a Mac. Apple does not build cheap computers. No other company is allowed to produce a Mac. Windows is the “Ford” of computers. From the beginning, they have allowed other companies to build the hardware and market it as they see fit. With their open source code, anyone can write software that will run on a PC. That’s how the masses became automobile owners when Henry produced the Model T, and that’s why there are millions more PC users than Mac users.

Quality is quality, but you must pay for it. Apple sells their computers only to buyers who can afford a Caddilac. HP, Dell, Acer, etc. sell their wares to everyone, including the Ford drivers. (I know. Terrible analogy. Sorry, it’s the best I could come up with right now.)


Buy a refurbished Professional PC that has been used by a large corporation for a couple of years, turned back in, and sold to a qualified refurbisher to check, fix, polish up and install a brand new operating system installation. Now we can purchase a professional computer for about what we’d pay for a cheap discount model, with one exception… the refurbished computer will outlive the new, cheap one. It will run faster and better as well.

NOW FOR THE 1ST CLAIM: Mac’s don’t get Viruses. Easy answer, BULL!

Macs are just as susceptible as PCs to viruses. There just aren’t that many viruses any more. While most consumers think of any unwanted software as a “virus”, they actually are thinking of Malware. (Short for Malicious Software.)

Check out what Thomas Reed has to say on the Malwarebytes lab website: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/101/2017/03/mac-security-facts-and-fallacies/?utm_source=double-opt-in&utm_medium=email-internal-b2c&utm_campaign=EM-B2C-2017-March-newsletter-issue1&utm_content=mac-facts-fallacies

Until next time, ask yourself, “Who’s your partner?”

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